Catherine Venable Moore — Writer & Producer

Recent Work


The Book of the Dead (Introductory Essay), West Virginia University Press, Feb. 2018

Best American Essays 2017 (Anthology) Ed. Leslie Jamison, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

Listy Silver (Artist Book) Collaboration with Lydia Moyer, 2016

Wishing Trains (Poetry Chapbook) Verse Press, 2012


The Book of the Dead,” Oxford American, Fall 2016

Inside a Life-Saving Rural Clinic in Appalachia” VICE, April 2016

O Beulah Land,” Oxford American, Summer 2014


Listen to a sampling of my radio documentaries on Soundcloud or view my Contributor Page on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Cedar Grove is a story about transition–bridging the past and the future. The hour-long radio documentary features stories from West Virginia’s history, the work of renowned novelist Mary Lee Settle, and the voices of people from her hometown of Cedar Grove.

Building Barns Out of Coal Tipples: Appalachia’s Shifting Economy,” an excerpt from Moving On But No Way Gone: Coal in America, a 30-minute radio documentary commissioned by High Plains News.

Coal Mine Layoffs and the Future of Southern West Virginia,” West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Paint Creek Audio History Tour, a collection of tales about a storied place called Paint Creek, WV, from the voices of people who live along its banks.

The Soul of a Company Store: The Haunted History of Whipple, WV,” West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The River Road of Sand,” a 3-part series on the history of Batteaux (flat-bottomed wooden boats) in the New River Gorge, West Virginia Public Radio

The Many Stories of Blair Mountain,” West Virginia Public Radio

Walk Beside Me: The March on Blair Mountain,” WMMT Radio

“West Virginia By Any Other Name,” West Virginia Public Radio and BackStory

Remembering 40 Years of Blackwater,” WMMT Mountain News and World Report

+ Features for BackStory, including: “The Things They Carried: The 1918 Flu in Philadelphia,” “The Census Taker,” “Heart of the Stranger that Hovered Near: Walt Whitman in the Civil War,” “The Ice King,” “Health Care in the New World,” “Justice on Horseback,” “Faith & Science: The films of Irwin Moon,” “Virgins and Porpoises, or, George Washington’s Inaugural Parade”


What’s Next, WV?,” a multimedia series on the economic future of West Virginia, featuring stories from five communities across the state: Wheeling, Martinsburg, Madison, Clay, and Huntington

Wisconsin Death Trip Revisited,” a video featuring Victorian post-mortem photography and an interview with Wisconsin Death Trip author Michael Lesy